Please note: new clients will not be accepted after the beginning of July 2024,

as I will be on maternity leave from September 2024 until mid-2025.

Email and phone messages will be infrequently checked during this time. Thank you for your understanding!

Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic

Though psychotherapy alone absolutely has its benefits, it can be helpful to some clients to receive a professional psychiatric assessment and gain insight into why they function the way that they do. A psychiatric assessment is a look at you at this moment, using evidence provided by you, to determine what has shaped you and what you may need as a result. Therefore, it has the flexibility to be reassessed at any point in your life, but for now, may offer some relief and direction.

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Receiving a diagnosis from a psychiatrist can help you find answers for areas of yourself that leave you questioning, “Why?” “How?” or “What now?” They also help in knowing what treatments could best suit you, based on your diagnosis at this time.

Are you interested in receiving a professional assessment from a psychiatrist that is working in partnership with you and your psychotherapist? Here are the steps involved in accessing a psychiatrist with Psychotherapy Matters:

  • Contact my office to set up a consultation call.
  • If we think we are a good fit for each other, we will have our first psychotherapy session together, during which I will learn more about you and why you are seeking a psychiatric assessment.
  • We will fill out your Psychotherapy Matters profile and send a referral form to your family doctor (or clinic) for them to fax to the Psychotherapy Matters team as your official referral.
  • Once processed, we will set up potential appointment times with a psychiatrist in their network and await approval.
  • At your assessment appointment, we will attend the meeting online together with the psychiatrist as they perform their assessment and recap it together afterward. Two hours are set aside for this appointment – Note: the cost for this session will be based on my fees, not the psychiatrist’s.
  • At times the psychiatrist will request a follow-up appointment to continue their assessment. Other times they find all they need in the initial assessment appointment.
  • The psychiatrist will make recommendations for psychotherapy during the appointment, which you are welcome to continue in sessions with me or we can conclude our work together following the assessment.
For more information, you may contact Meyers Creek Psychotherapy, or check out the Psychotherapy Matters website.


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Note: I am unavailable from Sept. 2024 to mid- 2025 due to maternity leave. 


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