Please note: new clients will not be accepted after the beginning of July 2024,

as I will be on maternity leave from September 2024 until mid-2025.

Email and phone messages will be infrequently checked during this time. Thank you for your understanding!

Type One Diabetes


Do you have Type One Diabetes? Managing a chronic condition is extremely difficult at times. There’s a lot of pressure and no break. I get it! I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at age 9. Therapy can be a great way to care for your mental health as you care for your physical health.

If you are looking for psychotherapy and want someone who also has the lived experience of managing blood sugar levels and A1C, using needles and an insulin pump, attending appointments, calculating carbs, getting proper exercise, and overall just feeling burnt out, I would be happy to talk with you.

Book an appointment or give me a call to access your free 15-minute consultation.

All sessions are available in-person to those in Belleville or Napanee. They are also available online to any Ontario residents.

If you are a health professional looking to refer your patient to this service, please email me at or call me at 613-920-3851.

T1D Virtual Support Group

Want to connect with others with Type One Diabetes and receive mental health tools to better care for your whole self while managing your condition? Meyers Creek Psychotherapy runs support group sessions virtually to those in Ontario!

6 sessions

4-8 participants

Take-home resources

$55/session (+HST)

Select sliding scale slots available

Sessions are run for 6 weeks. Each week will have time for open sharing and a guided theme with therapeutic tools and reflections. Topics include diabetes burnout, self-compassion, emotional awareness, and building resilience, among others.

This group is available as requested. Join the waitlist using the Booking Button above to hear about when the next group is being offered – or reach out to me directly!

The cost per 1.5-hour session is $55+HST. That is less than half the cost of a 50-minute individual session! You will only be charged per session attended. If you attend all 6 sessions, that’s a $330(+HST) investment. 

Some insurance plans cover group therapy! Check what coverage you may have.

If you are interested, go to our “Contact Us” page or use our Book an Appointment button to join!

If you would like to share this information with your Diabetes Educator, please click here to download this flyer and request that they post it and share the content with their patients! The more we have support, the more we can offer support!


613-920-3851 - text or call

Belleville & Napanee Ontario


Note: I am unavailable from Sept. 2024 to mid- 2025 due to maternity leave. 


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